Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas 2009 re-cap

It's hard to believe 2009 is drawing to a close, seems like the year has just flown by!

We had a great round of pets and their people this Christmas season. Some we met for the very first time, and some have become annual customers of ours. It's always exciting to see familiar faces, and we thank you for spreading the word about Paw Prints!

So without further adieu, here's our 2009 Christmas re-cap!

This shot makes me want to bring a wind machine on every shoot!

"Dude, your tie is crooked..."

I think these dogs were born to pose for photos.

Best Friends!

You don't see many Dalmatians, this one was a doll!

"Smile? You want me to smile? I don't think so..."

"Santa, I swear I didn't do it!"

Relaxin' - bunny style

I've no words for how stunning this pooch is.

Hamsters get in on the photo action too!

Hands down one of the coolest dogs I've ever seen. This is legit folks, not photo shop. "Catcher" here is a Wire Hair Pointing Griffon. I think I want one...

Too cute for words!

Anyone got a cute caption? 'Cause this photo is just dying for one!

I don't get many requests for sepia. I think this photo might change that. :-)

"I'm ready Santa!"

I had to save one of the cutest shots for last. Is there anything more adorable then these 4 Doxie litter mates??

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tony Cardenas Pet Care Fair, Woodley Park, Van Nuys Pet Photography

Another weekend, another fair. That's how it seems to go in the spring and the fall, and I just love it! During the summer it's just too dog-gone hot out, so all the fairs are all dog-gone. ;-) But today the weather was lovely, for the most part. It did get a bit hot near mid-day - you can always tell the temperature by how far out the dogs wag their tongues.

The days emphasis was on caring for your pet and included a low-cost vaccination clinic that had a never-ending line all day long. The first 100 people got free micorchipping too. There were all sorts of booths, from dog food to dog clothes to dog vitamins, and of course dog adoptions. I fell in love with a tripod (3-legged) red husky and a little black puppy that was a dead ringer for our last dog, Spats, who passed away a few years ago. The resemblance was uncanny! Unfortunately, even though I was indeed a photographer when we had Spats, the thought didn't occur to me to take some really nice, professional portraits of her. All we have now are some cute, yet unremarkable, snapshots. If I could go back in time and properly photograph our gorgeous black Lab-Akita mix with her 4 white feet, beady little eyes, and great big smile I would do so in a heartbeat.

Luckily for the 14 customers who came to my booth on Saturday, they won't have the same regrets. Here are some highlights from the day. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Redondo Shores Veterinary Center, Redondo Beach Pet Photography

I first met Dr. Yelinek at a photo event at The Studly Pooch, a dog salon in Hermosa Beach where I frequently have photo days. A few months later and I found myself at his Veterinary Center, photographing many of his happy clients.

You know a Vet *must* be good, when not just one, but multiple customers bring their dogs to the vet and the tails are waggin', the tongues are hangin' out, and the owners are saying "my dog just loves Dr. Yelinek!" Turns out most of these dogs were pretty happy to be photographed as well. :-)

Here's a few highlights from the day. Thanks for coming, everyone, and I look forward to seeing you in November for our Christmas shoot! :-)

If you live in the South Bay and are need of a Vet, I highly recommend Dr. Yelinek. Here's how to get in touch with him and his staff:

Redondo Shores Veterinary Center
701 S. Pacific Coast Hwy.
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 540-5588

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Woofstock 90210, Beverly Hills Pet Photography

On March 15th I participated at a great event in Beverly Hills called "Woofstock, 90210." Like most doggy fairs the day was filled with costume contests, parades, and a bunch of activities and vendors galore. This was the first year the city hosted event and they got a HUGE turn-out!

My booth seemed to be a little too popular at one point, with quite a line of people and their pets waiting to have their photos taken. We did the best we could to take quality portraits of everyone's dog while trying to efficiently move through the line of (mostly) patient customers. ;-) In the end we ended up with some great shots of some pampered 90210 pooches and I look forward to being back next year!

Here are some highlights from the day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Woody, Spencer, & Shamus; Hollywood Pet Photography

Late last month I spent a cloudy morning with Mike, Branden, Woody, Spencer, & Shamus. These guys love their dogs and it shows through and through in their photographs! The 3 pups spanned the generations, with Woody being the Senior Ambassador at 14 and Shamus still a young pup. We had a good time romping around the backyard and Shamus made sure I knew how much he loved his blue stretchy ball. (Check out the photo of Branden and Shamus below.) There were so many great shots I had a tough time picking which to show-off in the blog!

This photo shoot was actually a Christmas gift from Branden's Mom. She found me online, and subsequently a gift certificate got to travel from the Valley, to Colorado, and then out to Hollywood. If you're looking for a great gift for the pet-lover in your life consider a gift certificate for a photo shoot! As you can see, they're a great way to give a memorable gift, and the results last a lot longer then a box of chocolates. ;-)

Enjoy the shots gentlemen, you and your dogs were great fun. :-)

Spencer's all done. ;-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shaq & Kobe; Redondo Beach Pet Photography

On Monday I had the pleasure of meeting two Golden Retrievers, Shaq & Kobe, their mom Debbie, and their adorable little (human) brother A.J. I always mentally prepare myself for Goldens since they're notoriously the hardest dogs to photograph. Thing is, they're so loving that everyone becomes their new best friend! It can be very difficult to get enough distance between their big eraser noses and the camera since they just want to kiss and slurp the entire time! (Check out the last photo in this series and see what I mean.) ;-)

Shaq & Kobe warmed up to the whole photo taking idea pretty quickly though, and with the help of their mom some really adorable shots were achieved.

On a sad note, I have to mention that Shaq has cancer. He's had a surgery already and seemed to be doing great when I met him. I hope he has many many many days of happy-go-lucky Golden-Retrievering ahead of him! Good luck Shaq!

...If your dog is ill or is getting up there in age, isn't it time to get some beautiful, professional photos to treasure forever?

Here's Kobe & Shaq - all smiles! :-)
Paw Prints_0214

Paw Prints_0160

Paw Prints_0052

Paw Prints_0177

Shaq & AJ - so cute!
Paw Prints_0249

Shaq, going in for that classic Golden Retriever slurp
Paw Prints_0055